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Instagram updates

At the moment we are increasingly using Instagram to post some of the most recent design work. So please do follow Made In Earnest to keep up to date with us. Thanks.

A constant shift East

We are moving! Not far, but far enough to need a new contact map – and as you can see we will be at the end of the Victoria Line, just a minute from Walthamstow Central station: Walthamstow will be the fourth permanent home of Made In Earnest after Clerkenwell, Hoxton and Clapton. It’s been […]

Summer is coming…

… and the office is looking good in the sun. Hopefully Summer is on the way…

Best Art Vinyl Awards 2014

Big news at Made In Earnest HQ today as our design for the Nostalgia 77 And The Monster LP ‘Measures’ has been nominated for the Best Art Vinyl Awards 2014. As you can see above it is a slightly unusual design with everything on the front cover, but we felt this worked well with the […]

White on grey

New front wall being painted outside Made In Earnest headquarters

This just in…

At the recent (and inaugural) Jazz Meet Record Fair I brought some of the printed A3 posters along to sell and today I received this lovely photo from one satisfied customer. It’s nice seeing them framed and in what looks like an impressive record room. All the posters are for sale to all via the […]

Made In Earnest meets Twitter

A new year and and new social media platform! Some might say about time too, but I’ve taken the ‘fashionably late’ approach. Feel free to follow, tweet or ignore at https://twitter.com/MadeInEarnest

A good start

I’ve been lucky with my clients and have, for the past few years at least, always had work to do at the start of January thanks largely to the publication schedule of Historic House magazine. However, 2012 is starting with what seems like an extra dose of incoming and ongoing work. Not sure if this […]

Sneak preview: Made In Earnest

.. of the new ‘anti-branding’. More to come as and when I have them, but this is just a sneak peak of the soft proofing (wrinkles and all) and even though it isn’t on the 540gsm GF Smith stock I gotta say I am liking the Bodini in that red.

Business cards (now sadly defunct)

I really liked these cards I had made some time ago. We did them on a thick matt card and sandwiched a sheet of orange in between the front and back, which is actually quite difficult to show in photographs but which looks great when you have the card in your hand. It’s subtle, but […]