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A graphic odyssey

Wim Crouwel is quite simply one of the best designers on modern times and rightfully the Design Museum are going to celebrate his legacy with an exhibition from 30 March to 03 July. If you a fan of design you should go. Full details of the exhibition after the jump..

The Jazz Meet

In December I posted about a new jazz venture that I had created the identity for and I mentioned how I hoped they were successful as I could see a whole range of possibilities for the posters and flyers. Well, thankfully the new year has started well for The Jazz Meet and there is even […]

Sneak preview: Made In Earnest

.. of the new ‘anti-branding’. More to come as and when I have them, but this is just a sneak peak of the soft proofing (wrinkles and all) and even though it isn’t on the 540gsm GF Smith stock I gotta say I am liking the Bodini in that red.

Sneak preview: Mo Kolours EP1

Here’s a sneak preview of the artwork for the forthcoming Mo Kolours EP on One-Handed Music. It’s the first of a scheduled series of three EPs, all of which will feature the paintings of Swedish artist Etka. The artwork has been signed-off and the vinyl itself will be out soon but you can hear snippets […]