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Victorian proofs

I have been designing The Victorian Society magazine The Victorian since 2005 and it is one of those dream jobs where everyone involved likes the finished product, every time it is published. Despite being a society which ‘is the champion for Victorian and Edwardian buildings in England and Wales’ the magazine looks and feels modern, pics […]

City guides

Some time ago (2008) I started a series of Made In Earnest City Guides with a city guide to Helsinki. This new site should mean I can get back on track with that series, but I just need to work out the best way of doing them. Having each city guide as a single post […]

All of the above

This is precisely the sort of job I have redesigned the site for, as previously I had nowhere to put something that didn’t warrant it own dedicated Portfolio page. Now I do. It’s a simple one-off flyer design for a relatively new night at Barrio Central run by DJ and avid record collector Jarred Rice. […]

Basic Maths

I should really say something about the new look – especially as it isn’t my work. It is actually the work of Khoi Vinh and Allan Cole who have created  an excellent grid-based theme for WordPress that includes features like microformats, color-scheme control, full widget support and a key shortcut to display the grid. I love it. I […]

The new look site

Finally! After what seems like months and months of planning, designing, redesigning, tweaking, altering and non-decision making I have got what I wanted. A new look site. One that helps me show off the smaller, one-off jobs that I so often do as much as the grander, portfolio-enhancing jobs. At the back of the new […]