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The dead flyer

Sometimes, designs just don’t work for clients. It’s nobody’s fault, it just happens. Design and/or fonts you think will be right for the task at hand are not liked at the other end. It’s a shame, you can explain why you think it is right, why you think it will work for them, but in the […]

Favourite things

I have had a little redesign to the look of the flyer for the monthly live jazz jam Favourite Things, which I am lucky enough to design for. This new look coincides with a new phase for the night as it now has a new regular home at Favela Chic. Not too sure if we […]

From Turkey with love

The new One-Handed single has just been released and until I have a chance to get the 12″ photographed properly I thought I would point you in the direction of The Fader and the interview the man they call Pinglewood did with Ahu. It’s an insight into her world and shows the amazing official video. […]


I’ve channelled the brilliance of Wim Crouwel for the invite for my own fortieth birthday party. The XL of the title obviously is doubling up as Roman numerals for 40 and for what I expect to be an extra large event, both on the day and in my life.

It’s showtime!

It’s a rock album. It is an art project. It is also a collaboration between Made in Earnest and Stephen Kenny of a two pipe problem using old wooden type to give an unpredictable edge to the printing process. I love the way the wood type takes on a life of its own, each surface […]