Mo Kolours Pan-Galactic Tour

Mo Kolours is about the embark on his Pan-Galactic Tour and to celebrate he has a new track here. The poster below shows the dates of the tour in full.

The tour will showcase the debut Mo Kolours album that came out recently and as such, this is an ideal opportunity for me to post properly about that album. It came out as an LP and CD and there was even a limited edition tee shirt produced. All or some of which will be available to buy at each venue of the tour.

As with all the images in the Made In Earnest portfolio these were taken by Jonathan Stokes.

Dig A Little

Not long ago Dig A Little was born and as the promotional material says, ‘it’s a monthly excursion into the joys of vinyl’. Basically, it’s a record fair with DJs and thanks to it’s success so far it has grown into a monthly DJ night as well (called Revolutions).

The first Dig took place at the Forest Tavern, E7 in February and it has been monthly there ever since. A second event is now set to launch at the Eltham GPO in Eltham, SE9. All of which makes for an interesting branding exercise…

Blind Hamlet

Actors Touring Company will once again be at the Edinburgh Festival – this time with Nassim Soleimanpour’s play Blind Hamlet – and we have done the artwork to go with the show. If you are in Edinburgh you should start to see the flyers and posters around the city, as well as the banners on various websites.

In Blind Hamlet, Iranian writer Nassim Soleimanpour confronts the slow loss of his sight and the fact that he’s never read Hamlet. But with tragedy looming, he chooses instead to play with the truth and fiction, chance and fate. A surprise-laden meditation on what it means to act and interact in a shrinking world, Blind Hamlet is theatre about choices in which the audience chooses. If you want to go, it is on at the Assembly Roxy.

Your Love Weighs A Tonne

Your Love Weighs A Tonne is the new single from the Nostalgia 77 album A Journey Too Far. It is out now and can be bought from the Tru Thoughts Etch web shop.

Mo Kolours: Mike Black

Following on from the successful release of the recent Mo Kolours album comes the John Wizards Remix of the Cymande-inspired track Mike Black. This digital only release will be available first via One-Handed Music and the Mo Kolours bandcamp site.

The Secret List: Paris

Nearly there! Following on from Los Angeles, the latest edition of The Secret List will be Paris.

It goes to print soon and will be available to buy from record shops (of course!) and online at Amazon. Images and spreads from the book to come once it is printed.

The Victorian redesign

The Victorian magazine has a new Editor and following that change we were asked to redesign the magazine. The first issue with this new design has now been printed and published and here are a few samples spreads from it.

Sneak preview: Mo Kolours

Here is a sneak preview of the the artwork for the forthcoming Mo Kolours album.

The artwork features an illustration by the Barcelona-based artist Miju Lee. It will be coming out on One-Handed Music and is being released as both a LP and a CD and there is also a limited edition tee shirt to accompany the release. All of which you can buy via the Mo Kolours bandcamp page.

The Events: play of the year 2013

Well, this is a nice way to start the year.

The Events has just been awarded The Guardian’s ‘Best Theatre Of 2013′. Not directly involved in the play (obviously), but we did all the promotional material for the UK tour (which took in Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hull, Oxford and Plymouth). The posters for Hull and Edinburgh are shown below.

Congratulations to all at Actors Touring Company. Here’s to an equally successful 2014…

The Secret List: Los Angeles

I am proud to say that The Secret List is now finished, printed and published!

It has been a real labour of love for the author Sanjiv Ahluwalia, who came up with the original concept and then went about writing (and rewriting) about and photographing record shops on his travels. He visited all the shops anonymously at least once, often twice and some three times. No shop knew of his visit and all photographs were taken discreetly or with the permission of the owner, but without any mention of the book. I just glad he asked me to be involved.

As he says in his intro, The Secret List is ‘more than just about buying records at these establishments – it encompasses the buying experience, travel, conversations, anecdotes and wonderful memories’.

The Los Angeles book is out now and can be bought for £9 here.

It will be followed by books on Paris, London, New York and Amsterdam. And then? Who knows where.

These are just few sample spreads from the book.