A good start

I’ve been lucky with my clients and have, for the past few years at least, always had work to do at the start of January thanks largely to the publication schedule of Historic House magazine. However, 2012 is starting with what seems like an extra dose of incoming and ongoing work. Not sure if this is a sign of good things ahead economy-wise or not, but I am definitely thankful and grateful that as I enter my fourteenth full year (!) working as Made In Earnest the work continues to come in.

At the moment ongoing work includes; Historic House magazine; The Victorian magazine; three new corporate identities, for Pacitti Company, David Fawcett and Actors Touring Company; the next issue of The Echo for the Association of Sound Designers; a promotional seminar leaflet for Hall McCartney; web banners and buttons for Cecile Park Publishing; posters and flyers for Wah Wah 45s and The Jazz Meet; and the forthcoming release on One-Handed Music by Mo Kolours!

Now, all I have to do is hit the deadlines and everyone will be happy….

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