All of the above

This is precisely the sort of job I have redesigned the site for, as previously I had nowhere to put something that didn’t warrant it own dedicated Portfolio page. Now I do. It’s a simple one-off flyer design for a relatively new night at Barrio Central run by DJ and avid record collector Jarred Rice. I had done some work for him before for his night called Jazz Not Jazz, so he was comfortable enough with me to give me a rough brief of ‘do something good, something you’ll like and I’ll be happy with it’. So, I thought about the phrase ‘all of the above’ and ended up researching the collages, the photomontages, and the assemblages of Dadaism and ended up with a flyer which features an illustration by Johannes Theodor Baargeld and presented it to Jarred alongside this butchered and pompous phrase; All Of The Above is a phenomenon bursting forth, a saviour, a monster, which will lay waste to everything in its path. It is a return to nature and naive primitivism. Its purpose is to ridicule what its participants considered to be the meaninglessness of the modern world’. Phew! You can almost smell the art degree from here.

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