The new look site

Finally! After what seems like months and months of planning, designing, redesigning, tweaking, altering and non-decision making I have got what I wanted. A new look site. One that helps me show off the smaller, one-off jobs that I so often do as much as the grander, portfolio-enhancing jobs. At the back of the new site is a new server as well as a new host and there came a moment when the transfer was about to happen and I was meant to upload the existing site onto the new host. But that just seem counter-intuitive. Why go to all this trouble and then spend time and effort to have the existing site still running? Clearly, the answer is so you don’t have an empty website like I do now, but it just seemed like the wrong thing to do. So, here we are. New site. New look. Slated well-and-truly cleaned. Now, all I have to do is get some work up here so it is actually useful…

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