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Pacitti Company: Civil DVD

At the moment we are, not surprisingly, in the process of getting ready for the festivities but work hasn’t stopped just yet and the initial designs for the SPILL Festival of Performance 2011 brochure are coming together nicely. With that in mind comes another job we have done for Pacitti Company – the design and production […]

Disease. Poverty. Conflict.

Another day another post and another blast from the past (or rather another ‘classic’). This time it is the ChildHope Annual Review from 2001. ChildHope is a children’s charity supporting and helping to protect vulnerable children internationally by providing healthcare, education and protection and I was more than happy to be involved with them. This […]

Gaining a competitive advantage

The lack of recent posts can be put down, in the main, to the fact that I am in the process of having a home-office built in the garden. Which has meant quite a complete upheaval as you can imagine. Once it is all finished I will, of course, be posting images up, but in […]

The Victorian magazine

As I have mentioned before I design The Victorian magazine for The Victorian Society and have been doing so since 2005. The magazine is published three times a year and is sent to all members of the Society free of charge. Each issue of the magazine concerns a specific relevant topic, this one pictured was concerned […]

SPILL Festival of Performance

For those that don’t know, SPILL Festival of Performance is the UK’s premiere artist-led biennale of experimental theatre and live art which began in 2007 and takes place in a variety of venues across London. The festival is produced by Pacitti Company, the Artistic Director is Robert Pacitti and Made In Earnest are responsible for the identity […]

Paul White: Sounds From The Skylight

Just a couple of images of the Paul White Sounds From The Skylight LP that we designed and which came out last year on One-Handed Music. Technically they are calling it a mini-LP, but it’s got nineteen tracks on it and that, to me, is an LP.  For all you colour obsessives, that’s Pantone 109. It’s […]

Business cards (now sadly defunct)

I really liked these cards I had made some time ago. We did them on a thick matt card and sandwiched a sheet of orange in between the front and back, which is actually quite difficult to show in photographs but which looks great when you have the card in your hand. It’s subtle, but […]

Saving a century

To help celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of The Victorian Society we designed this 48pp brochure to go alongside the Saving A Century exhibition which was held at RIBA headquarters in London. The exhibition panels (which we also designed) are now roaming the country and are at present to be seen at Portsmouth Central Library, Guildhall […]

The Made In Earnest calendar

It started in 2002 with our first one (entitled Life) and up until 2009 we had managed to produce a promotional calendar every year. Unfortunately that sequence stopped this year, but I am hopeful that the calendar will re-appear for 2011. I want to find a suitable topic and collaborator for it, but there is […]

Tranqill: The Hidden Treasures EP

I’m proud and honoured to be able to say I design for the independent record label One-Handed Music. Alex, the label boss, is a great client and a lovely guy to boot. I’ve done a few things for them already and am in the process of designing the forthcoming 12 from new signing Ahu. That […]