SPILL Festival of Performance

For those that don’t know, SPILL Festival of Performance is the UK’s premiere artist-led biennale of experimental theatre and live art which began in 2007 and takes place in a variety of venues across London. The festival is produced by Pacitti Company, the Artistic Director is Robert Pacitti and Made In Earnest are responsible for the identity and all the corresponding corporate literature: posters, advertisements, calling cards, flyers and, shown here, the first festival brochure. It has been great to be involved with the whole project as it is a buzz of creativity and everything we have produced so far has been well-received and a real pleasure to design.

So far there has been two SPILLs (2007 and 2009) and the next one is scheduled for 2011. Of the 2009 festival Robert Pacitti said: “This year the festival has been curated around ideas of ‘agency’. What I mean by this is the ability of each of us to make choices. Every work in the programme, in some way or other, may be viewed through this prism. Some raise questions around how we make choices (or indeed value judgements), others reflect thoughts on how our choices may be imposed on the world. With this in mind we may be provoked to consider issues around responsibility – either individually, or as part of a group – which brings into focus notions of free will, permission to act, and human rights. Of course it is not essential to engage with these ideas to enjoy SPILL. But for those who wish to, the festival will be highlighting some shared threads between aspects of the programme, for you turn over and mull at your leisure, as well as spaces for you to share your thoughts with others.”

Earlier this year we produced a 116 page book, entitled On Agency, to celebrate SPILL so far. It will, of course, be making its way onto this site in due course.

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