Saving a century

To help celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of The Victorian Society we designed this 48pp brochure to go alongside the Saving A Century exhibition which was held at RIBA headquarters in London. The exhibition panels (which we also designed) are now roaming the country and are at present to be seen at Portsmouth Central Library, Guildhall Square, Portsmouth until 13th August 2010 as part of the Portsmouth Festivities 2010 – The Victorians: Age of Wonder.

‘Saving a Century tells the extraordinary story of the battles that have shaped our towns and cities,’ said Dr Ian Dungavell, Director of the Victorian Society. ‘Without these campaigns, many of our most famous places would look very different today. The exhibition is a testament to the energy and vision of the early members of the Victorian Society as well as a sobering reminder of the way that public opinion and tastes change.’

The brochure itself is still available and can be bought direct from the society.

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