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Mo Kolours Pan-Galactic Tour

Mo Kolours is about the embark on his Pan-Galactic Tour and to celebrate he has a new track here. The poster below shows the dates of the tour in full. The tour will showcase the debut Mo Kolours album that came out recently and as such, this is an ideal opportunity for me to post […]

Mo Kolours: Mike Black

Following on from the successful release of the recent Mo Kolours album comes the John Wizards Remix of the Cymande-inspired track Mike Black. This digital only release will be available first via One-Handed Music and the Mo Kolours bandcamp site.

Sneak preview: Mo Kolours

Here is a sneak preview of the the artwork for the forthcoming Mo Kolours album. The artwork features an illustration by the Barcelona-based artist Miju Lee. It will be coming out on One-Handed Music and is being released as both a LP and a CD and there is also a limited edition tee shirt to accompany […]

Mo Kolours EP3

More details in due course…

Mo Kolours EP2

The second EP from Mo Kolours is done and in production – the above image is actually the end credit from the trailer video that predates the release and can be seen here. The video shows glimpses of the man at work and is soundtracked by EP cut ‘Temi’, an excursion into hard-as-nails hip-hop with a […]

A good start

I’ve been lucky with my clients and have, for the past few years at least, always had work to do at the start of January thanks largely to the publication schedule of Historic House magazine. However, 2012 is starting with what seems like an extra dose of incoming and ongoing work. Not sure if this […]

Sneak preview: Mo Kolours EP1

Here’s a sneak preview of the artwork for the forthcoming Mo Kolours EP on One-Handed Music. It’s the first of a scheduled series of three EPs, all of which will feature the paintings of Swedish artist Etka. The artwork has been signed-off and the vinyl itself will be out soon but you can hear snippets […]