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A new venue means a new look

After many, many years at the same venue The Fickle Formula is moving this month so we decided this was reason enough to update the look. So, a new look to go with a new venue but, you will notice, ‘same fickle format’.

A fickle half century

Here it is – the 50th poster I’ve done for the musical institution that is The Fickle Formula. To celebrate this milestone I thought I would put up my five favourite designs out of the fifty. I’ve put them up in date order (newest to oldest) as I couldn’t decide which was my actual favourite […]

Musical changes

The flyers and posters keep coming (and long may that continue!) but there has been a few recent amends to make… The Jazz Meet now has a new venue – Floripa – but the design stays roughly the same. The night itself, however, is seeing the move as just one part of an evolution involving […]

A fickle 2011

I did it last year and I liked it so I thought I should carry on the practice. In fact it might just inspire me to do it for other suitable projects. Maybe… As you will be able to see there was no event in January, hence the gap top left of the review. You […]

A fickle year

As the December flyer has been approved and signed-off I thought this was an appropriate time to post up a little pictorial review of The Fickle Formula flyers for the year. Not only do I like doing things like this visually, but this sort of exercise helps give a clear overview of where the identity […]

The Fickle Formula

The latest flyer-come-poster in the series for the monthly shindig that is The Fickle Formula.

For hip dancers

New flyer for The Fickle Formula, this one aimed at all the hip dancers out there. Hope you like it.

A fickle world

Another example of a recent flyer design, this time for The Fickle Formula which is held monthly at Three Blind Mice, a fabulous basement bar in Shoreditch. It’s an oasis of calm (and dub and jazz and whatever else) in the eye of the storm that Shoreditch has fast become. The night itself is the […]