It’s showtime!

It’s a rock album. It is an art project. It is also a collaboration between Made in Earnest and Stephen Kenny of a two pipe problem using old wooden type to give an unpredictable edge to the printing process. I love the way the wood type takes on a life of its own, each surface mark and imperfection offers a unique print. And that is exactly what it is; a one-off. We only printed it once. There was one test pressing on a sheet of paper and that was it. Straight onto the blank white cover. The finished cover was then shipped back to Germany and Amos headquarters.

The record itself was released on 26 August 2010 on Sounds of Subterrania in Hamburg. On vinyl with a blank white cover. More than 450 visual artists from all over the world and across all genres are creating individual artworks. They live in Munich, Berlin, Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, on the Phillipines, in Budapest, Rome or Barcelona. The price for the artwork including the record is set by the visual artist himself. We went for a pretty random 50 euros. All one-off pieces will be presented and for sale in an online-gallery on There will be also be a five-week-tour through Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland with exhibitions in offline galleries and Showtime-release concerts.

Thanks to Stephen for helping me with the project and for Martin Kühnel for asking me to be involved in the first place.


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