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Last summer I was involved in a very interesting design project for the AMOS album ‘Showtime’. It was billed as an ‘unique and international music and art project’ where the new album was released on vinyl with blank white covers. These were then sent to more than 400 visual artists from all over the world who created individual one-off pieces of artwork. Mine was a collaboration with Stephen Kenny at a two pipe problem. The range of designs was incredible, really; covering all design disciplines, from illustration, product and fashion design, urban street art to tattoo art and fine arts. And the artists were international – from Munich, Berlin, Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, on the Phillipines, in Budapest, Rome or Barcelona. The price for each artwork was set by the artists themselves and have been for sale since August 2010 in a custom online gallery.

Well, it looks like the project was a success as I have just been told that a few days ago, the Industrie Forum in Hannover has decorated AMOS ‘Showtime’ with one of their sought-after iF communication design awards. The whole music and art project was awarded in the ‘Advertising | Campaigns’ category and the ceremony will take place on March 18th in Munich. I don’t think the 400+ designers are being invited, but still, the iF design award belongs to the most renowned prizes of design industry, so, well done to everyone involved. Back well and truly slapped.

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