SPILL: On Agency

As the 2011 SPILL Festival has just finished this seems like an appropriate time to post about SPILL: On Agency, a book of writing, thinking and conversation on and around the SPILL Festival of Performance which I designed last year.

The book (114 pages of 185mm x 235mm), edited by Robert Pacitti and Sheila Ghelani, ‘brings together a range of people who have been involved in SPILL across the past few years: all of the artists within the festival to date; Kira O’Reilly in her capacity as SPILL Thinker-in-Residence 2009; a series of chapters written by members of SPILL: Overspill; and Manuel Vason discussing the SPILL Tarot. Artists discussed in the publication include: Jan Fabre, Romeo Castellucci, Needcompany, Julia Bardsley, Forced Entertainment, Ron Athey & Lee Adams, Visions of Excess, Gob Squad and Victoria, to name but a few.’ The book includes information and images of events from both the SPILL 2007 and 2009 Festivals.

It was a lot of hard work to do but totally worth it, especially when you hold a printed copy – the stock is ‘right’ – something which you can do, as the book is available to buy here.

I should mention that the tricky and time-consuming six page cover section (shown as a single image below) was done with the help of Krista Nyberg, who is now living and working in Stockholm, Sweden (tack så mycket, Krista).

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