The Secret List: Los Angeles

I am proud to say that The Secret List is now finished, printed and published!

It has been a real labour of love for the author Sanjiv Ahluwalia, who came up with the original concept and then went about writing (and rewriting) about and photographing record shops on his travels. He visited all the shops anonymously at least once, often twice and some three times. No shop knew of his visit and all photographs were taken discreetly or with the permission of the owner, but without any mention of the book. I just glad he asked me to be involved.

As he says in his intro, The Secret List is ‘more than just about buying records at these establishments – it encompasses the buying experience, travel, conversations, anecdotes and wonderful memories’.

The Los Angeles book is out now and can be bought for £9 here.

It will be followed by books on Paris, London, New York and Amsterdam. And then? Who knows where.

These are just few sample spreads from the book.


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