The Taxidermist

The latest Nostalgia 77 album is now officially out and it has been getting some very good reviews.

Also pleasing, from a personal point of view, is that the design for the artwork looks good online and in the hand. If I am being honest, I was slightly worried because I had made the album artwork as an actual life-size collage which was then photographed and the resulting images were used. That process of going from something 3D to something 2D has naturally lead to a slight flattening on the artwork but not too much – thankfully, the taxidermist himself still looks like his hands have been heavily involved. Thanks must go to Jon Stokes for the photography. Thanks also to Ben Lamdin for asking me to be involved in the project. It has been a real joy.

Below is the artwork for the promo CD and the posters which you may well see out and about.

You can buy the album (and listen to snippets of the tracks) via Tru Thoughts.

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