Crave & Illusions

I’ve been working for the Actors Touring Company recently, designing the promotional material for a recent show, The Golden Dragon, an interim company brochure and I’ve also done all the promotional material for their interpretation on the Sarah Kane play Crave.

Crave is a contemporary classic, a ground-breaking work that challenges notions of what makes a play. Four performers embody the competing voices of a mind in torment and ecstasy – a startling quartet of anger, desire, frustration and despair. Directed by Ramin Gray and performed by the same cast, the company takes a fresh look at Crave and introduces the foremost contemporary Russian writer Ivan Viripaev to English-speaking audiences. His play Illusions alongside Crave forms a stunning duo of contemporary plays about love and death.

This flyer is for the performances at the Volcano Theatre in Swansea. Once I have the printed brochure that goes with the tour back in the studio I will get it photographed and put into the portfolio proper.

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