Musical changes

The flyers and posters keep coming (and long may that continue!) but there has been a few recent amends to make…

The Jazz Meet now has a new venue – Floripa – but the design stays roughly the same. The night itself, however, is seeing the move as just one part of an evolution involving more guest bands and DJs. The full details are here, but the second night at the new venue sees The Greg Foat Group playing live ahead of their forthcoming new Jazzman album.

Soulharmonic is actually the name of the event that fills in for the moving Jazz Meet at The Shoreditch. Good luck to all those involved.

And finally, for now, the long-running Fickle Formula has also had a slight change to precedings and now is to be found on a Saturday night at Three Blind Mice. Plus ça change (plus c’est la même chose).


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