The Feltron Annual Report

It is something I eagerly await because it is simply one of the best pieces of design, year-in-year-out. What is it? It is the Feltron Annual Report.

Something I know I wouldn’t have the patience to do myself while simultaneously wanting to be able to say ‘I did this.’ However, I can’t say that, so I contend myself by buying it and luckily you can too – in either the classic Annual Report form or in it’s poster form. The report is limited to a run of 3000, while the poster has a smaller run of just 500.

The 2010 Annual Report is an encapsulation of Feltron’s father’s life, as communicated by the calendars, slides and other artifacts in his possession and it really is a thing of beauty.

For those that do no know him, Nicholas Felton spends much of his time thinking about data, charts and our daily routines. He is the author of several Personal Annual Reports that collate countless measurements into a rich assortment of graphs and maps reflecting the year’s activities. He is the co-founder of, a site for counting and communicating daily data, and frequent designer of information graphics for numerous corporations and publications. His work has been profiled in publications including the Wall Street Journal, Wired and Creative Review.

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